Ink Nap

19 Aug

Ink Nap.


Supporting the Sleeping Doc.

21 May

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Love this. Shift workers experience, slower reaction times and slower memory recall, in addition to a slew of other effects. I’ve seen residents pass out from exhaustion. This does not mean they are any less of a Doc – it just means they are humans forcing their bodies and minds to function in unnatural patterns.  Although medical professionals are forced to work through unimaginable fatigue,  many of us still manage to provide outstanding, professional care.  I know, if I were a patient, I would gladly wait an extra 30 minutes for my health care provider to take a power nap.  I love the international support from the medical profession.

Click the link below to see all the support a resident has from the international medical community after a critical picture and blog post appeared online.  ‪#‎yotambienmedormi‬

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5k in Full Gear for PTSD

1 Apr

Great job by Ontario Firefighters helping raise awareness for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Consequences of being a Dispatcher

12 Mar

I left Fire Dispatching almost 4 years ago. Most of these still apply. Holding my pee is taken to new levels as an emergency nurse though (you’ll have to read it, or be a nurse or dispatcher to understand).

Emergency Service Dispatcher Stress.

11 Mar

It’s nice to see an article where dispatchers are taken into consideration. Yes it’s our job (well, not mine anymore), but it still can take its toll.

Life of Constant Crises Takes Emotional Toll on 911 operators

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Disney measles evokes a great article from a health care worker

14 Jan

Great article by Dr. Bart Barrett on the sad reality of not immunizing children. Preventable deaths always anger health care works. Preventable deaths in children, evoke a mix of rage, sadness, and lingering heartache that stays with us.

One Dead Child. Two foolish Parents.


I’d Love to hear from you.  What is your take on immunizing your child?

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African American women more resistant anti-inflammatory effect aspirin than white women

24 Jun


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202-971-3654The Endocrine Society

CHICAGO, IL African American women respond differently to the anti-inflammatory effect of aspirin than do white American women, new research finds. The results were presented Monday, June 23 at…
African American women more resistant anti-inflammatory effect aspirin than white women

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Stages of Stress

1 Jun

Great post on burnout of Emergency service personnel.

Baby steps are better than a butt print in the couch cushion

21 May
Image courtesy of Salvatore Vuono /

Image courtesy of Salvatore Vuono /

If science found a way to add 2 more hours to a day – a 26 hour day, what would you do with those 2 extra hours? Relax? Spend time with family and friends? Sleep? Read? Start your own business? Exercise? Would all your stress be over? Would there be a profound difference in your life?

My realistic guess is, unless you are already an efficient manager of your time, it would be just 2 more hours to cram your already full plate into. I am no exception.

Our North American lifestyle, no matter which way you slice it, equals stress. The stress of getting all the must do’s done and lamenting over not getting the want to do’s and need to do’s done. Knowing that there are things you should be doing and are not getting them done, is a stress in itself. For many of us, a majority of our hours are spend commuting to and from work and at work, where we exchange our precious time for money,  either for another person or ourselves – a must do. What do we try to get done with the few precious hours after a full work day, or night? More must do’s? If you have kids, there’s no way around it. After all those must do’s, all you have energy for is vegetating on a soft surface somewhere, resenting the fact that you have to do this all over again tomorrow. Maybe we have hopes to cram the need to do’s and want to do’s into our Saturday and Sunday (or whatever days you have off if you work shift work).  Some of us sacrifice the required hours of sleep that our bodies need to function, in order to get things done.

I don’t think it is about the number of hours in a day, but the way we prioritize what we get done. Are there things on your need to do list and maybe even your want to do list that should really be on your must do list? I’ve met people who put urgent doctor follow-up appointments in their want to list. To their detriment, what could have been a curable condition if they had followed up in a timely fashion, progressed to an untreatable diagnoses – news that they received on a visit to an emergency department.

There are more benefits than harm in putting a yoga class, meditation class, cross fit class or other fitness class, or an evening walk with your family in your must do list. Now, If you just read that sentence and thought “how does she expect me to do that”, and thought about financial constraints or child care, or time constraints then maybe a class isn’t for you. There are DVD’s, apps, u-tube video’s. Walking and running are free and can be done with family in tow. Parks are free. 15 mins at a time is still getting something done. It doesn’t have to be only at the end of your day.  Fit it in throughout your day.  I’m sure with all the information that we are bombarded with we have already read somewhere; stairs instead of elevator, walk/public transit instead of drive.  Can your desk remain ergonomically correct and allow you to stand? If so, use your abdominal muscles as your strength and do calf raises.  Park further away from your destination and walk (you’ll likely be less stressed looking for a parking space as well).   Is your TV a want, a must, or a need?  How about your kids?  Turn it off (and don’t turn on a tablet, video game, or smart phone instead) Go for a walk, or let your kids lead the way – they’re pretty good at expending enormous amounts of energy if you give them the right environment.   Being this type of role model for our children will help affect change for their generation. Hopefully they won’t have to read headlines like “Sitting is the New Smoking“, or be acutely aware of the epidemics of obesity, diabetes, high cholesterol, and hypertension.

I have to-do-lists. Lots of them. They act as reminders and help me stay focused. I also read a time management books a few New Years’ ago and implemented scheduling time for everything to get done – the must do’s, the need to do’s and the want to do’s.   It’s really the only thing I remember from the book. I don’t do that very well – shift work gets in the way.  But going through that process of scheduling helped me realize there were places in my day where I could slot 15-20 mins. for things from my to-do lists. Most of the time I don’t get something completed, but I get a little further ahead than if I did nothing. Like I said, because I work shift work, the time management book I read doesn’t fit well. I had to come up with my system.

No additional hours needed (or wanted) here. Just a lot of prioritizing of my must do, need to do and want to do lists. Also, I try not to be hard on myself. Baby steps are better than a butt print in a couch cushion. I firmly believe things that contribute to our individual and families’ physical, spiritual and emotional wellness need to be put on our must do lists – even if it’s 15-20 minuets at a time.

Credit to Open Media

The Quick and Dirty

– Re-prioritize your Must Do, Need to do and Want to do lists

– Make your physical, spiritual and emotional needs part of your must do list

– Squeeze in Activity where you can – it doesn’t have to be a whole trendy class if you can’t cram that into your day.  Many little forms of activity throughout your day is better for your than no activity.

– Get your whole family involved


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What would you do with 2 more hours in your day?  Share your comments below.

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Firefighters and cancer study

28 Apr


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